Reviews of Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers with Shoulder and Neck Pain March 24, 2021 March 24, 2021 ShandiAponte

Getting good sleep is essential as it is an essential need of the human body. What’s the point of spending money on expensive mattresses when they are not giving you a good sleep? So, choosing the right mattress is very important, especially for side sleepers.

And if you are someone who experiences neck and shoulder pain, it becomes even more critical to choose the right one. We went through reviews on the best mattresses for side sleepers with shoulder and neck pain, and only a few stood out. We have enlisted them down, give them a read and find out what suits you best.

Memory Foam

Foam mattresses are famous for their thick memory foam. The incredible thing about this is that it helps relieve pressure, especially on your upper limbs. Moreover, they are best for shoulder and neck pain. A foam mattress provides your utmost support and comfort, especially for the spine. There is one more feature of this mattress that adds to its comfort. The gel panel. It provides its user with extra lumbar support and keeps the top of the mattress calm and relaxed.

Gel Grid

Gel grid mattresses are known for along with being supportive, relieving pressure. It is best for heavy people who suffer from shoulder and neck pain. Moreover, the gel grid mattress possesses an exceptionally breathable capability and keeps the mattress calming and soothing.


Hybrid mattresses are famous for their super firmness. Moreover, the pair of coils provide substantial support for heavyweights. And the innerspring it has best for people having shoulder and neck pain. Also, it is breathable and suits well for people who’re side-sleepers and have shoulder and neck pain.


Latex mattresses are famous for their comfort and support. It is very soft under the shoulders and helps boost pain, making it the best mattress for shoulder and neck pain. Moreover, the foam on top of this mattress makes it very easy to move while sleeping.


Innerspring mattresses are easily flippable and offer two levels of firmness at the same time. This firmness makes it best for people who side sleepers as well as shoulder and neck pain victims. The softness these mattresses offer relieves your shoulder and neck pain. Moreover, they provide an excellent temperature level with the copper infused in them. 

Pillow Top

Pillow top mattresses are one of the best mattresses for side sleepers with shoulder and neck pain. The extra layer of softness makes them very cushiony. This trait of top pillow mattress allows a sinking feeling helping in relieving shoulder and neck pain. You can also choose the level of softness you prefer. Moreover, this mattress offers a lumbar making it very comfortable for your upper limbs.

In a Word

Choosing the right mattress will offer you sound sleep and help relieve your shoulder and neck pains. We suggest you make the best choice for your sleep as this is what everyone wants. A night of good sleep and a comfortable mattress.